Foody Weekend in Maryland

This weekend is an amazing weekend to be a foody in Maryland...

The 2011 Annapolis International Food Wine & Hops Festival
April 30th
$25 per ticket
Limit 750 tickets being sold

Taste of the Town (Chestertown)
May 1st

Winefest at St. Michaels
April 29th - May 1st

Towsontown Spring Festival
April 30th - May 1st

Amazing Deal for Point of Sale System for a Bar, Restaurant, Retail or Multi Unit Establishment

Every once and a while there is a deal that sounds to good to be true...
A Free POS System sounds like one of them.

This is no Mercury POS System, where they jack your rates after your locked into their POS System and need to buy a $1300 Datacap Modem to leave them.
This is not a Micro's System... Your First Born down and a large service contract paid quarterly and giftcards, credit cards, loyalty programs are all additional modules which means more money.

Also United Bank Card is the owner of HarborTouch POS Systems. So all the credit card, gift card, loyalty card software is 100% integrated.

Basically the deal is you pay a monthly support contract, they supply the system.
Basic Package is about $59.00 a month per unit with more accessories that cost can go up.

The Free POS Systems should be available by the end of January 2011.
They are currently selling the same unit for about $2500-$3000.
Free does not mean a cheap system here.

For More information Contact
Matthew E.

Knob Hall Winery

So I was at a networking event last night and met the owner of Knob Hall Winery... Very Nice gentleman... As we were chatting he was telling me about his upcoming wine selection and a contest...

Pick a Name...Win a Case!

This Spring, we will bottle a new white wine blend. It will be a mid-range priced wine. Help us pick a name and if we choose your name, you will win a case of the wine! The name should be along the theme of our Jealous Mistress label, so it should have a romance or love connotation. Send your potential names to

A great up in coming Local Maryland Winery, won 3 Gold Metals in the Governor's Cup in 2010.

They also have a Women Who Wine club... Someone in the group of guys who were chatting said I think I already know a few women who are members of that club... lol...

Friend's Blog

One of my close friends Alex, is now blogging at The Manly Oven... take the time to check out her out on this blog...

Restaurant Review (Atlanta Bread Company) Severna Park

551 Ritchie Hwy
Severna Park, MD 21146
(410) 315-7887

I've eaten here a few times before writing this review.

This restaurant has completely turned around from a few years ago... a remodel, new owner, better management and a well trained staff. The quality and consistency of the food has increased and they even bring the food to your table when you dine in. My only complaint is they can get a little busy at lunch, sometimes a line out the door. So come early, come late, phone in your order. The soup, salad and sandwich selection are amazing... My personal favorites are the hot pastrami, any of the panini's, corn chowder and brocoilli and cheddar soup. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find out they serve breakfast all day and they use real eggs, none of those frozen egg patties here. I would suggest sitting over by the fireplace and TV to relax while eating your meal. Every Tuesday and Thursday night is kids night and on Wednesdays Senior Citizens get 10% off all purchases all day.

I've even used them for catering and they deliver literally. Any order over $200 and they will bring the food to you... The food is the same great fresh quality trayed up for your needs... I have used their website for catering but I find it easier just to call the store and ask for the catering manager.

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Restaurant Review (Zella's Pizzeria)

1145 Hollins St
Baltimore, MD 21223
(410) 685-6999

Just off West Lombard in the Hollins Market/Sowebo neighborhoods. There is the best pizza I have had in Baltimore so far. This bar sits on the corner hidden by the Hollins Market. One of the smaller markets, unlike Cross Street and Lexington Market... The prices are very affordable for what you order. The crust is pillowly with a nice chew to it. The toppings are plentiful and fresh. We had tried the margarita and the Eggplant, Olive, Roasted Red Pepper and Feta pizza. They were both done well... The staff was pleasant and attentive. They pour their mixed drinks strong, and have a number of beer in bottles and on tap. A great place to sit and chat with friends in a relaxing environment. There is also plenty of street parking, even on a friday night. I would recommend this pizza place and it is worth the short drive out to this out of the way neighborhood.

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Restaurant Review (JTB's Kitchen)

I've know Jenn the Baker of JTB's Kitchen for a little over a year now. Her and her husband Phillip run JTB's Kitchen. They are avid motorcyclist. And her products got started by bringing some cookie bars to the track days. It is a nice story I've heard from Jenn the Baker a few times.

The products are very tasty and are great gifts for any occasion. She sells cookie bars, crispy treats, pumpkin rolls and other tasty treats. They even have monthly subscriptions of most of their products. All the products I've tasted have been moist and tender with the right balance of sweet and crispiness. I would recommend them for gifts or treats. Order the larger size because they will go quick.

JTB's Kitchen gives a discount to all orders shipping to a United States Military member receiving mail to an AF, AP, AA, AC, AE, or AM address, qualify for a 20% discount on all orders $10 or more. They also have multiple order and shipping specials.

Rant/Review (Yellow Cab of Baltimore)


I would not recommend Yellow Cab of Baltimore!!!

Living in the city of Baltimore, sometime driving does not make sense. So I have an iphone pull up a cab on an app... I've used this company 4 times. I've had 4 issues.

Drivers not show up for an hour... Called back the company and they sent out another cab in 20 minutes or so. This has happened 3 times. Twice was the same drivers who did not show on different events.

The one time that the cab did not show up for an hour, and we had called the company for a new cab to come out. We had paid for the cab via credit card... The cab that never showed up and we were charged my card 46.50... I know crazyness...

The yellow cab dispatch didn't really do anything... After the 3rd call I got the corporate information for Veolia Transportation. After decrypting there secret code to get to an operator. And about 4 phone calls over 5 days. I got my refund. This is a crazy process. They did not make it easy and I would not recommend using them.

Restaurant Review (Tapas Teatro Cafe)

1711 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 332-0110

After eating at Tapas Teatro Cafe, I will have to say this an amazing restaurant. The server's are educated, and polite. They make recommendations based on your tastes and wants. The chef and cooks prepared the food very well. The overall impression of the meal was very positive.

We had ordered a glass of wine Pinot Grigio from Italy. The wine was from Alois Lagader "Riff". This is about a $15.00 - $20.00 bottle of wine in a wine shop. The flavor was very balanced and the fruity notes were mild with low acid. I am not a fan of Pinot Grigio but this was a very good Pinot Grigio.

We had started with baby potatoes, boiled baby potatoes dusted with salt and a dollop of sweet garlic aoli. The potatoes were tender and smooth with a creamy aoli. This is a simple dish and none remained shortly after arriving at the table. We also had the haricot verte and asparagus salad. This salad with green bean, asparagus, sweet garlic cloves, and peppers, dressed with a vinaigrette.

For the entrées we had for dinner were the lamb and lentils. This skewered lamb medallion was grilled and served with creamy and not to spicy lentils. The lamb was not gamey. We also ate the pincho moruno, a grilled pork medallion marinated in cumin, paprika, garlic. This pork was moist and tender and had a nice smokey taste.

For dessert we had chocolate royale a plated 3 layer chocolate dessert with crispy and smooth layers and a raspberry sauce on the plate.

This restaurant also sits right next to the charles theatre.

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