Restaurant Review (Tapas Teatro Cafe)

1711 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 332-0110

After eating at Tapas Teatro Cafe, I will have to say this an amazing restaurant. The server's are educated, and polite. They make recommendations based on your tastes and wants. The chef and cooks prepared the food very well. The overall impression of the meal was very positive.

We had ordered a glass of wine Pinot Grigio from Italy. The wine was from Alois Lagader "Riff". This is about a $15.00 - $20.00 bottle of wine in a wine shop. The flavor was very balanced and the fruity notes were mild with low acid. I am not a fan of Pinot Grigio but this was a very good Pinot Grigio.

We had started with baby potatoes, boiled baby potatoes dusted with salt and a dollop of sweet garlic aoli. The potatoes were tender and smooth with a creamy aoli. This is a simple dish and none remained shortly after arriving at the table. We also had the haricot verte and asparagus salad. This salad with green bean, asparagus, sweet garlic cloves, and peppers, dressed with a vinaigrette.

For the entrées we had for dinner were the lamb and lentils. This skewered lamb medallion was grilled and served with creamy and not to spicy lentils. The lamb was not gamey. We also ate the pincho moruno, a grilled pork medallion marinated in cumin, paprika, garlic. This pork was moist and tender and had a nice smokey taste.

For dessert we had chocolate royale a plated 3 layer chocolate dessert with crispy and smooth layers and a raspberry sauce on the plate.

This restaurant also sits right next to the charles theatre.

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  1. other than mekong delta, this was my fave restaurant this summer. awesome awesome awesome sangria.

    and their goat cheese cheesecake is epic.