Restaurant Review (Mama's on the Half Shell)

Mama's on the Half Shell
2901 Odonnell St
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 276-3160

I went out Friday night with a friend to Mama's. We waited about 30 minutes in the bar for our table. Talking to all the interesting characters in the bar, and drinking Orange Crushes (pinnacle vodka, triple sec and fresh squeezed orange juice over crushed ice) Very Tasty. Once seated outside at our table had a very attentive server named Brian, a true local who has worked at Mama's on the Half Shell for 7 years and everyone knows and loves him. His service is the best I've had in years. I would recommend getting seated in his section. The recommendations, stories and attention to details were impeccable.

The salad was simple and well dressed in a light sweet balsamic and maple dressing. My friend had the fresh catch a pan seared rockfish with a bur blanc sauce and a side of macaroni and cheese. Creamy and crispy on the top of the dish and gooey on the bottom. The fish was buttery and flakey, perfectly cooked.

I had a medium rare NY strip steak with a tomato based steak sauce and French fry cut Peruvian purple potatoes, that looked to be tossed in oil and fresh herbs. My steak was mouth watering, tender and cooked perfectly. The first batch of potatoes was burnt. My server Brian got another batch that was cooked correctly. I still had an issue with these potatoes; it seemed to be a comp out coming from the chef. A French fry cut and deep fried purple potato is a just a bad choice. I will look black. There were so many things the chef could have been done: Roasted, Pureed, Mashed, And Smashed. Anything!!! Purple potatoes are not common place. Show them off!

I spoke to the bartender, server, and manager, over the course of our evening there. Everyone puts customer service and hospitality first, in this busy bar and restaurant. I would highly recommend this location and anything your server recommends.

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